Dr. Ondřej Bojar

Charles University

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Speech and Machine Translation: How to Progress beyond Human Quality?


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Since the paradigm shift towards deep neural networks, machine translation (MT) and speech translation (ST) have been gaining in output quality to the extent that some language pairs have reached human translation quality levels. While this is a fascinating result and great news for the users, the research in high-resourced language pairs could lose its guidance, directions to move forward. I will describe where we are in selected language pairs and discuss what can be done so that we can navigate high-resourced MT further.


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Ondřej Bojar is an associate professor at ÚFAL, Charles University, and a lead scientist in Machine Translation in the Czech Republic. He has been co-organizing WMT shared tasks in machine translation and machine translation evaluation since 2013. His system has dominated English-Czech translation in the years 2013-2015, before deep learning and neural networks fundamentally changed the field. Having taken part and later supervised ÚFAL’s participation in a series of EU projects (EuroMatrix, EuroMatrixPlus, MosesCore, QT21, HimL, CRACKER, Bergamot), he has recently concluded his coordination of the EU project ELITR (http://elitr.eu/) focused on simultaneous speech translation into over 40 languages. ELITR has also coined the task of 'minuting', i.e. project meeting summarization, with its AutoMin shared task (2021 and now 2023).

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