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Reception of machine-translated and human-translated subtitles – A case study
Frederike Schierl

Exploring undergraduate translation students' perceptions towards machine translation: A qualitative questionnaire survey
Jia Zhang

The impact of machine translation on the translation quality of undergraduate translation students
Jia Zhang and Hong Qian

Machine translation of Korean statutes examined from the perspective of quality and productivity
Jieun Lee and Hyoeun Choi

Leveraging Multilingual Knowledge Graph to Boost Domain-specific Entity Translation of ChatGPT
Min Zhang, Limin Liu, Zhao Yanqing, Xiaosong Qiao, Su Chang, Xiaofeng Zhao, Junhao Zhu, Ming Zhu, Song Peng, Yinglu Li, Yilun Liu, Wenbing Ma, Mengyao Piao, shimin tao, Hao Yang and Yanfei Jiang

Enhancing Gender Representation in Neural Machine Translation: A Comparative Analysis of Annotating Strategies for English-Spanish and English-Slovak Language Pairs
Fred Bane and Anna Zaretskaya

Technology Preparedness and Translator Training: Implications for Pedagogy
Hari Venkatesan

Human-in-the-loop Machine Translation with Large Language Model
Runzhe Zhan, Xinyi Yang, Junchao Wu, Derek F. Wong and Lidia S. Chao

Optimizing Machine Translation through Prompt Engineering (MT+PE): An Investigation into ChatGPT's Customizability
Masaru Yamada

Machine translation implementation in automatic subtitling from the perspective of subtitlers
Bina Xie

Brand Consistency for Multilingual E-commerce Machine Translation
Bryan Zhang, Stephan Walter, Saurabh Chetan Birari and Ozlem Eren

Leveraging Latent Topic Information to Improve Product Machine Translation
Bryan Zhang, Stephan Walter, Amita Misra and Liling Tan

Fine-tuning MBART-50 with French and Farsi data to improve the translation of Farsi dislocations into English and French
Behnoosh Namdarzadeh, Sadaf Mohseni, Lichao Zhu, Guillaume Wisniewski and Nicolas Ballier

Translating Dislocations or Parentheticals : Investigating the Role of Prosodic Boundaries for Spoken Language Translation of French into English
Nicolas Ballier, Behnoosh Namdarzadeh, Maria Zimina and Jean-Baptiste Yunès

Comparing Chinese-English MT Performance Involving ChatGPT and MT Providers and the Efficacy of AI mediated Post-Editing
Larry Cady, Benjamin Tsou and John Lee

Challenges of Human VS Machine Translation of Emotion-Loaded Chinese Microblog Texts
Shenbin Qian, Constantin Orăsan, Félix do Carmo and Diptesh Kanojia

KG-IQES: An Interpretable Quality Estimation System for Machine Translation Based on Knowledge Graph
Junhao Zhu, Min Zhang, Zhanglin Wu, Song Peng, Hao Yang, Yanfei Jiang, Xijun Qiu, Ma Miaomiao, Weiqiang Pan, Ming Zhu and Weidong Zhang

Improving Standard German Captioning of Spoken Swiss German: Evaluating Multilingual Pre-trained Models
Jonathan David Mutal, Pierrette Bouillon, Johanna Gerlach and Marianne Starlander

Exploring Multilingual Pretrained Machine Translation Models for Interactive Translation
Angel Navarro and Francisco Casacuberta

Developing automatic verbatim transcripts for international multilingual meetings: an end-to-end solution

Akshat Dewan, Michal Ziemski, Henri Meylan, Lorenzo Concina and Bruno Pouliquen

MT and legal translation: applications in training
Suzana Cunha

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